Change is Hard. Or is it?

Change is hard. We all know it because we’ve all lived it. But really, change is not hard. The hard part is how we choose to react to it. Most people fear change because it’s out of their comfort zone. Some people, most people, would rather hang on to what they know, even if it’s not in their best interest, than try accepting something new.  

When my kids flew the coup, I resisted the change. I was sad (very sad) and mourned for all the joy and sunshine they brought into our house. I did feel proud that they were perfectly prepared and equipped to be on their own and fully capable of making decisions without the aid of their oh-so-wise parents.  So why did I focus on the negative not the positive? Because it was a change. For the best or not, it was still a change.

Do you know what’s even harder? Instigating a change. Some change is thrust upon so it’s way out of our control. But there is also self-inflicted change which requires commitment such as starting (and sticking with) a way-new diet, deciding and getting things in motion for a new job. Geez, even trying a new recipe can be a huge undertaking for someone stuck in a rut.  It can also be very exciting and thrilling to be a part of a change, to focus on the positive, to fear it and do it anyway.

We are proud to be making some changes at Tea for Two, some subtle, some big. We are so excited for these changes as we near our 20th Anniversary in business.  We can hardly believe it but it’s true.  We’re proud that some of our staff and guests has been with us for 15, 17, even 20 years. That’s true dedication and devotion.

One thing that will never change is our commitment to you. Our food is made with the freshest ingredients available.  It always has been and always will be. When you walk in our door as a stranger or as a friend you are automatically part of our Tea for Two family. We celebrate your successes and mourn your losses, as if they are our own. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be in your lives.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the motion of changes at Tea for Two as we prepare for another 20 years!!! We’ll keep you posted or better yet…come pull up a chair and be a part of the change.