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Tea for Two Bakery Menu

Round 8" • 3 Layer • Serves 10-12

Cake Flavors

Vanilla • Chocolate • Yellow • White

Specialty Cake Flavors

Coconut • Oreo • Strawberry • Red Velvet 
German Chocolate • Chocolate Peanut Butter
Almond • Hummingbird • Neapolitan
Lemon Crème • Italian Crème
Pumpkin & Spice (seasonal)

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Specialty & Custom Desserts

Custom Sugar Cookies, Petite Fours, Cupcakes, Cake Balls

Custom-sized Cakes, Dessert Bars, Pies & Cobblers


custom cake with frosting flowers

petite fours with flower design

flower cupcakes

cookies in the shape of flip flops, starfish, fish, flowers, and cookies that read OMG